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    1. Bathtub
    2. Bathtub Pensen Bathware is a specialized manufacturer of bathroom fittings, offering a broad variety of freestanding bathtubs. We have experience working with many different materials to ensure all your bathroom needs are met.
      Our bath products are produced in matte and glossy surface options. Each finish provides a different level of shine and reflects light in different ways. We can provide you with standard tubs for common sized bathrooms or custom products for your special bathroom remodeling projects.
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Pensen Bathware is a leading manufacturer of bathroom sinks and bathtubs, providing customers with OEM and ODM services to meet all your bathroom design needs.
Pensen Bathware is a professional sanitary ware product manufacturer. We provide a wide range of sinks and bathtubs for customers. If a particular product is not listed, we also offer OEM and ODM services.
Our factory is outfitted with a full line of manufacturing equipment to process raw materials into excellent finished products. In-house production processes support an annual production capacity of over 7,000 bathtub sets and 22,000 wash basin sets.